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Boy In Space – 7UP (Lyric)

I love it when we hangout in your tree house after dark
And when you hang my heart against the wall and play with darts

I know it’s kinda sad but you’re the only home I got
I promise I will love you even with my broken heart

7UP in my red cup
Tears pouring down on your makeup
You can hold me down if you want to
I don’t really mind cuz I’d like too
Feel love how it hurts ahh
Fire in my chest watch it burn out
You can hold me down if you’d like to
I don’t really mind cuz I love you

Remember when we took my car and
Scratched it with our names
And I was writing poetry about you everyday

And yeah I know that things they never tend to stay the same
But I don’t think you love me and it kills me everyday

Rip the bandaid fast
So it feels right
Knife to my chest as I don’t cry

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