Got my bags at the door
I’m getting ready to leave
Ohh ohh
I can tell there’s something
You wanna say to me
Ohh ohh

Baby speak your mind
Cause you’re wasting time
It’s a quarter to nine
And my car is on the way
You say you wasn’t ready for this
So I’m out the door
Or did something in your mind change

If you want me to stay…
If you want me to stay,
Say you want me to stay
Baby stop playing around with me
There ain’t no time to play
If you want me to stay
Baby you got to show me
Ohh your eyes and your mouth
Are saying two different things
Ohh ohh
You need to figure it out
I’m tired of waiting
Ohh ohh

Being indecisive it goes with a price
And now your time is almost gone
I’m hearing go on and leave
You don’t care about me
But your eyes are saying
You want me home