Hey kid I was once like you
Full of spit with a lot to prove
But listen up lets talk it through
I can tell you’re new to this

Tighten up your saddle straps
You’ll break a finger holding the horn like that
Trust your horse
Keep your eye on the cattle
That’s just my two cents

This ain’t my first rodeo
My first one was
Holdin’ my breath
Covered in sweat
My heart beating out of my chest
You know the feeling you get
When you’ve found something you love
This ain’t my first rodeo
But I wish it was

I’ve been workin’ arenas for years
I know how winning that buckle feels
And I’ve waited for bones to heal
So I could get up in the saddle again
To feel that first time adrenaline
But I’m just not the buck that I was back then

My eyes ain’t sharp like yours are
My muscles ain’t as strong
Only reason I can do so well is
I’ve been doing it so long
I’m telling you my secret
Cause I see you’ve got the curse
Ride every single rodeo
Like it’s your very first




Ain’t my first rodeo
But I wish it was 2x